What is water pollution?

We have heard, read and used these lines many times while writing an essay on water pollution – water is life or life cannot be imagined without water. But the question is whether till now we have been able to understand the true meaning of these lines. If you have understood, then why even today in India, the most sacred river, Ganga, which is revered as a mother, or other rivers are getting polluted. If this universe originated from water and all living beings are alive only by drinking water, then why is the water level decreasing from the ground level. Why are rivers drying up and we are not able to get clean water to drink? Water is that precious wealth of nature which we have to protect and use while thinking about the future generations also.

It is absolutely true that if there is no water on the earth, then without water everything in the entire world will become desolate. For all the people of the world, water is that unique wealth by drinking which all the creatures, animals, birds and plants on this earth are alive. The beauty of natural things like river, canal, lake, lake and sea is also alive with water. If they do not get water, then their beauty will have no meaning. If we do not want to lose their beauty, then first of all we have to free our water from pollution. Water is the beautiful form of this nature, through which grains, fruits, flowers and gardens bloom, rain like nectar comes from the clouds and only by saving water and conserving it, we can use it properly. If we do not pay attention to this increasing problem of water pollution in time, then a day will come when the entire country will be facing water crisis.

meaning of water pollution
Before knowing the problem of water pollution, it is very important for us to understand the meaning of water pollution. When contaminated elements come and mix in various sources of water like river, lake, well, pond, sea etc., then we call that situation water pollution. Due to natural and human causes, these contaminated and poisonous elements get mixed into water and make it polluted, due to which water loses its natural qualities. In simple words, it can be understood that when we throw any type of waste directly into water, it creates water pollution.

What is water pollution?
Now we know what is water pollution? Such foreign substances get mixed with water and change the natural properties of water in such a way that the water is neither fit for drinking nor is it of any use to us. This type of water also has harmful effects on our health. Due to the utility of polluted water being less than before, it becomes less useful, this is what we call water pollution. Serious problems like water pollution are seen in most developed countries. According to the World Health Organization, the PH level of drinking water should be between 7 to 8.5. If seen, water has a high self-cleaning capacity, but when more than required amount of pollution gets dissolved in water, then water pollution starts occurring. Water pollution occurs when substances like animal feces, toxic industrial chemicals, household and factory waste, agricultural waste, oil and heat get mixed in water. For this reason, our natural water sources like lakes, rivers, seas, underground water sources etc. are becoming victims of pollution, which is having serious and fatal effects on humans and other living beings.

due to water pollution
There are two main sources of water pollution: 1. Natural and 2. Human.

Natural sources of water pollution- Water pollution occurs naturally due to many different reasons. When minerals, leaves of plants, humus substances, excreta and urine of humans and animals etc. get mixed in water, water pollution occurs naturally. When water accumulates on a ground and the amount of minerals in that ground increases, then those minerals then get mixed into the water, which are called toxic substances. If these occur in large quantities, they can prove to be very fatal and dangerous. Apart from this, substances like nickel, barium, beryllium, cobalt, molybdenum, tin, vanadium etc. are also found naturally in small amounts in water.
Human sources of water pollution – Due to various activities or activities done by humans, garbage, dirty water and other types of waste materials get mixed in water. Due to the mixing of these substances, water starts getting polluted. Such waste materials are generated in various forms, such as domestic waste, human excreta, industrial materials, agricultural materials etc. More than natural sources, human sources are the main cause of water pollution.

types of water pollution
There are three main types of water pollution that we come across, whose names are as follows-

Physical water pollution- When physical water pollution occurs, it causes changes in the smell, taste and thermal properties of water.
Chemical water pollution- When chemical water pollution occurs, due to which chemical substances from many different industries and other sources get mixed in the water, due to which chemical water pollution occurs.
Biological water pollution- When different types of disease causing organisms enter the water and contaminate the water so much that it becomes harmful for health, it is called biological water pollution.

effects of water pollution
Due to water pollution, we face various fatal consequences. If we drink polluted water, it will cause different types of diseases in our body. Earlier, only the people of the villages were getting affected by serious diseases due to contaminated water, but today the situation is such that even the cities are getting affected by it. If we use polluted water even by mistake, it causes different types of problems in our body. The skin of the body starts deteriorating, diseases related to genes start occurring, the person starts becoming physically and mentally weak and sometimes he even dies.

The effects of water pollution are being seen not only on humans but also on animals, birds and forests. Due to the presence of polluted elements in water, the number of deaths of animals and creatures living in water is increasing every year. Due to the death of fishes living in the water, it is becoming difficult for the fishermen to earn their living. Their source of income is disappearing. Apart from this, water pollution is also affecting the livelihood of farmers because cultivable land is being destroyed due to contaminated water and forests are being destroyed, which is a serious problem. When polluted water passes through any kind of agricultural land, it completely destroys the fertility of that land. Once the fertility of an agricultural land is lost, it is very difficult to make it fertile again. If a farmer irrigates his fields with polluted water, he has to suffer its adverse effects on his agriculture. The reason for this is that when dirty water is used for irrigation, traces of such metals are found on the land which reduces the efficiency of agricultural production. The entire cycle of the earth gets spoiled due to water pollution.

water pollution problem
At present, the problem of water pollution has become a big problem before us. The water from the rivers, ponds and canals by which we survive is making us seriously ill today. Crores of people in villages and cities are facing the problem of drinking water. Whenever scientists of our country conduct nuclear tests in the seas, from that test such particles and substances are found in the sea which have a bad effect on marine creatures, flora and our environment. Due to this the earth’s environment becomes completely unbalanced.

When the waste materials, chemical elements and hot water coming out of factories and big factories enter the river or sea, they not only increase water pollution but also generate heat in the environment. Due to warming of the environment, the number of animals, plants and vegetation starts decreasing and due to this the balance of the aquatic environment also starts deteriorating. If water pollution continues to increase like this, then the day is not far when people on earth will have to yearn for clean water. Even a little water pollution affects the lives of all of us in a big way.

In today’s modern era, water pollution is bent on affecting not just one person but the entire world. The impact of water pollution is becoming a serious threat to the health of the entire nation. Two-thirds of the diseases occurring in our country are caused by polluted water. The effects of water pollution are extremely harmful for their health, from newborn babies to the elderly.

diseases caused by water pollution
Due to continuous increase in water pollution, various types of diseases and epidemics are increasing day by day all over the world. There are many serious and dangerous diseases due to which people are losing their lives. These diseases are making humans as well as animals and birds their victims. These are having a negative impact on their health. Diseases caused by water pollution include typhoid, jaundice, cholera, gastric, skin diseases, stomach diseases, diarrhea, vomiting, fever etc. The risk of spread of these diseases increases even more during summer and rainy season. To avoid these diseases, you must follow the measures mentioned below.

Ways to avoid water pollution
To avoid and reduce the problem of water pollution, we must follow all possible measures at our respective levels, such as:

. We should get the drains and drains of our house and streets cleaned regularly.
. Proper arrangements of concrete drains should be made for water drainage.
. The feces, household substances and garbage that accumulate should be removed as soon as possible.
. Continuous research and changes should be done to make polluted water clean.
. There should be a complete ban on activities like washing clothes in rivers, wells, ponds etc., entering inside to collect water, bathing animals, bathing humans, cleaning utensils etc.
. Such medicine should be added from time to time to the water obtained from wells, ponds and other water sources so that its usefulness increases.
. Awareness should be created among people about problems like water pollution. Every information about its causes, side effects and prevention should be made available to the people.
. People should be given environmental protection and environmental education.
. From time to time, the government should get regular inspection, testing, cleaning and protection of ponds, rivers, drains etc. and other water sources done.

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