Social problems and their solutions

Preface :-
In the context of social problems, this question is related to their solution. How can these problems be solved?, and can these social problems be solved? A positive approach can be adopted in response to social problems. A bird’s eye view of the history of social problems shows us that different societies have tried to solve their social problems as much as possible in order to maintain stability and balance to meet the needs of the society.

The solution to any social problem depends on the nature and intensity of the social problem. If any social problem is of such a nature that its immediate solution is inevitable, then eminent people of the society have presented the desired solutions to run the social system smoothly and have also tried their best to reduce its intensity. But there is definitely a lack of resources in the society which can prove helpful in solving the problem completely.

Solution of social problems :-
The following measures can be effective in solving social problems:-

Reinterpretation of ‘problematic’ stressful situations –
Social problems can be solved by prior control over stressful and problematic situations. Many inter-group relations problems in our society are the result of feelings of discrimination, misconceptions and abusive attitudes. If the groups discriminated against in society are redefined, many inter-group relations problems can often be solved. If certain conditions are not accepted as social problems, these conditions may disappear on their own.

Change in behavior of individuals –
Since many problems are related to values, the impact of social problems can also be reduced by changing these values and behavior of individuals. Problematic behavior of humans can be changed by explaining it logically and through propaganda. Sometimes it is difficult to change the problematic behavior of individuals. In such a situation, with proper education and mental change, at least the behavior of children can be changed and they can be freed from problems.

Legal control over problematic behavior –
Many problematic behaviors can be controlled by strict enforcement of various laws or by making appropriate amendments to existing laws. The government not only punishes problem behavior but also tries to rehabilitate individuals who engage in punishable behavior. This dual policy encourages problems rather than solving them. Therefore, effective legislation is necessary to stop such practices.

Change in social structure –
Often the social structure determines the behavior of the individual. Some social problems can be solved by changing the social structure. Such conditions can be created in the structure of the group so that the group members are always cooperative in a harmonious environment and do not behave against the beliefs of the society.

Establishment of socialist society –
Karl Marx has suggested the establishment of communist economy in place of capitalist economy to create a society without problems, but just changing the economy cannot solve all the problems of the society. For this, the establishment of a real socialist society can be helpful in which economic and other inequalities can be minimized.

Social Services –
Various types of social services also help solve the problems of society as they can contribute significantly to reducing the impact of stressful situations. Individuals suffering from social problems can receive the protection of social services and be free from the influence of the problematic situation.

Use of services of scholars –
The services of various scholars (like psychiatrists, social workers, group organizers, group workers, group administrators, teachers, etc.) can be used in solving social problems. These scholars can analyze various problems and explain the means of treatment of social problem. In our society, the full potential of social scientists is not being utilized to solve social problems.

religious education –
Some scholars are of the opinion that many problems can also be solved by spreading religious education. Scholars like Sorokin and Toynbee have expressed the opinion that many problems can be solved only by accepting religious values.

Brief summary :-
In reality, solutions to social problems are not as simple as they seem. If it were that simple, many societies would be free from problems. The root of many problems are our misconceptions and superstitions. Therefore proper education and spread of knowledge can create a suitable environment to eliminate such superstitions and solve many problems. In this context, it is noteworthy that it is not possible to solve the problems through government efforts alone because public cooperation is very important for this.

Difference between personal problem and social problem

To understand social problems more clearly, it is necessary to know the difference between personal and social problems.

Personal problem is that problem which is related to a particular person and which hinders the development and progress of the person, the person starts disregarding the social ideals and his personality starts disintegrating.
Mowrer writes, “Personal problems represent those behaviors of the individual that fall so far below the norms recognized by the culture that society considers them

Rejects. The main differences between personal problem and social problem are as follows:-

(I) Efforts are made individually to solve personal problems whereas collective efforts are made to solve social problems.

(II) Personal problems hinder the development of an individual but social problems hinder both development and progress.

(III) Personal problems end with the individual, whereas social problems continue for a long time because they are related to the continuity of the society. Despite efforts to prevent it, it still remains present in some quantity.

(IV) One person or a few people are responsible for the birth of a personal problem and only the individual has to suffer its consequences, whereas many people of the society and community are involved in giving birth to a social problem and its consequences are also many. People have to suffer.

(V) The relationship and area of influence of a personal problem is limited to a particular individual, whereas a social problem is related to the entire society and community and it affects the entire society or a large part of it.

(VI) During a personal problem, imbalance and disintegration occurs in the personality of a person, whereas in the case of a social problem, the social structure.

(VII) In the case of personal problems, a person uses means rejected by the society to fulfill his objectives and needs, whereas in the case of social problems, most of the people in the society start fulfilling their objectives and needs through unethical means.
The differences mentioned above should not be interpreted to mean that these two problems are completely separate from each other, rather there is a close relationship between the two, both types of problems affect each other. Some problems can be both personal and social, especially when they are related to both the individual and the society. Personal problems give rise to further social problems.

Types of social problems: Major social problems of Indian society

At present, there are many social problems in India, although India is an independent republic which has accepted secular, democratic and progressive values.

Here many discriminations are found on the basis of religion, language, race, caste and regionality and language. A stratification of high and low on social and economic basis is found in every individual. Problems like casteism, untouchability, linguism, provincialism, communalism, youth unrest, unemployment etc. are present here. Here, juvenile delinquents, adult criminals and white-collar criminals are also found who create problems for the society. The population here is also increasing rapidly. The countrymen are also facing the problems of illiteracy, low standard of living, alcoholism, gambling, prostitution and political and administrative corruption. All these problems hinder the progress and integration of the country. Further we are throwing light on some major social problems found in Indian society-

(I) Problem of Communalism – Communalism is poisoning the body of society. Communalism is the result of the British policy of divide and rule. He tried hard to keep Hindus and Muslims separate from each other, to oppose each other and to spread jealousy and hatred. The result of his efforts came in the form of food for the country.

(II) Problem of Casteism – A stratification of high and low is found in different castes and a system of ups and downs is found. As a result, one caste tries to maintain social distance from the other caste. Today, due to the caste system, the society is divided into small groups and people’s loyalty and devotion is limited to their own caste.

(III) Problem of Crime and White-collar Crime – The number of crimes has more than doubled in the last ten years. This increase in the number of crimes is proof that social disintegration is increasing in the Indian society. Now not only men but also women have started committing crimes. At present, in addition to crimes against persons and property, crimes related to kidnapping, theft, robbery, assault, fraud, highway robbery and rape are also increasing.

(IV) Problem of Poverty – Poverty is responsible for a person’s moral degradation, anti-social behavior and criminal activities. After all, who cannot deviate from the path of duty after seeing their children dying of hunger and crying due to want? Poverty sometimes forces a person to commit theft and fraud, as well as smuggling and trafficking.

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