Importance of water and nature in human life

Water is an invaluable part of our life, we cannot even imagine the world without it. Just as a river dries up without water, similarly without water man is deprived of his important means of livelihood. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that “If there is water, we are all and if there is water, we are.” We can guess from here what will be the plight of man without water, that is why we should use water as little as possible and Take steps to conserve water. Also, here we will discuss in detail about topics like how many types of water are there?, what is the importance of water and nature in human life?, etc.

The fields and barns are dry without water. The earth and courtyard are dry.

Man has had a deep connection with water and nature since the beginning. It rains because of natural beauty and this rain also works to provide water to the farmer’s fields and barns. Therefore, it can be said that man has a precious relationship with water and nature, which only a farmer can understand because his crop is possible only because of water. In earlier times, people were completely dependent on rain water for irrigation. They did not have any other means of arrangement. As times changed and new technology developed, water and natural beauty also changed. But there has been no change in the relationship between water and humans, their need is as much today as it used to be before, the only need is to conserve it.

Benefits of drinking water
Water is very beneficial for our body, without water we cannot even think of living. Water gives us a new energy due to which our body is always ready to work at a very fast pace. Just as food is essential for us, water is also essential for us.

In the month of June, if you suddenly feel thirsty while walking in the sun and you do not get water, then you will realize how much our body needs water at that time and then in our mind we will be thinking that somewhere or the other Get water to drink from. This is why water is very essential as well as beneficial for our body.

Disadvantages of not drinking water
If we do not drink water, there will be lack of water in our body, due to this our body will stop working, we will feel as if we have become very weak and we will not feel like doing any work, if one day we If we don’t drink water, our throat will dry up. There will be lack of water in our body. Due to which we may also feel dizzy.

Water is life
As we have discussed above that without water we have no existence, water is an invaluable part of our life, that is why man, who is connected with water and the world, should save nature, water etc. Let’s do it otherwise we will have to be prepared to face its bad consequences. You must have seen posters of ‘Water is Life is Water’ posted on the roads and streets or you might have seen ‘Water is Life’ written in big letters through colorful pictures on some wall. This is written so that humans can be aware of water and not waste it unnecessarily, that is, use it only as much as is required.

Example– If there is no water in your house for a day, then you will feel that without water all your work has stopped and at that time you will not even have water to drink, in such a situation you will feel uncomfortable.

If the same situation arises in the entire country, we will find that a large part will be deprived of water.

types of water
We can divide water into three parts: 1) Liquid, 2) Solid, 3) Vapor.

But later they melt and take the form of water. Therefore, it would be correct to say here that water is mainly water. From the scientific point of view, we have divided it into three parts and given different names, but its basic form is water.

water sources
Water can be collected from many places and can also be taken from many places like well, river, canal, pond, reservoir, pond, etc.

Rainfall is the largest source of water. Rain sends water beneath our soil. Due to which we get water easily. Today, big water sources are being created by collecting rain water.

Well – Well is considered to be the best source of water, rain water also gets collected here and it always remains potable.

Pond – Rain water is often collected in ponds so that it can be used for irrigation of fields or it is mostly used for growing flowers like lotus.

Feature of water in our life
Water has become an important part of our everyday life. Today we are completely dependent on water for things like cleaning, cooking, clothes, cleaning utensils, bathing, car washing etc. This is the reason why we find ourselves covered in water all around from day till night.

We need water everywhere, whether at home or outside, and to fulfill this, new types of technology are being used so that we never feel the shortage of water and we get water in available quantity everywhere. Could.
Considering the need of water in our lives, arrangements for water connections have been made everywhere in the cities so that we can avail the benefits of water system with proper means.

importance of clean water
Clean water has become an important issue for our country today. This is the reason why today everyone has started using filters or water bottles for drinking in their homes instead of taps. Clean water is very useful for us and clean water has become the first demand of today’s youth. In view of this, new types of products and technologies are being launched in the market due to which the youth are being greatly influenced. They feel that due to the development of these technologies, clean water will be available to us at cheap rates.


Use of filters for drinking water
People believe that clean water is very useful for us and our body. This is the reason why the demand for filters and filters is continuously increasing and now people are afraid of even drinking tap and well water. Lest they get any kind of disease, they think that only filters or water can provide us with clean water. But it is wrong to say that the purity of water is high. If we talk about earlier, we had clean water available in the form of wells and taps, but today there has been a change in their quality due to which questions are being raised on the purity of water.

It is very important for us to understand the importance of water. If we do not understand the importance of water, then in the future crores of people will be deprived of water. Potable water on earth is decreasing rapidly. From today itself we have to start paying special attention to water. Only then will we be able to save water in the future. We should use minimum water in our whole day.

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