Importance of books in human life

There is hardly any greater happiness in this world than reading books. That is why books are called best friends. Nirmal Verma also rightly says,

“Books do not reduce the grief of the mind, the fear of the heart or the cry of deprivation, they only protect everyone’s eyes and secretly place a pillow under the aching head.”

Books as our best friends

Books are the best companions of our life. They are available to us whenever we need them. Books help us understand the world around us, decide between right and wrong. They are also present in our lives as our role models, guides or all-time teachers.

They help us focus on our goals and are also helpful in achieving our goals on time. Many of us have a habit of reading books in our free time or before sleeping because reading also helps in overcoming unwanted stress. Unlike people, books never ask for anything in return, but rather share our knowledge and Helps us in increasing creativity.

Importance of books for students

Student life is a unique story of struggle and during this struggle, books are the true companions. Every student should definitely develop the habit of reading books. Books are not only our companions in competitive life but they also guide us at every stage of life. As students are the developing stage of life, they also need to be well guided by their parents, teachers and elders. Along with this, books teach the art of taking decisions in life. Ultimately our life is the result of our decisions. That’s why books are our co-travellers.

The best way to guide students is to advise them to make friends with books. These books can help the students to get inspired by the lives of people whom they are influenced by in their life, like Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi’s experiments with truth, from which we can learn truth, non-violence and discipline in life. Honest autobiographies from around the world impressed students the most.

Reading increases concentration which is needed most in student life. Reading for a few hours daily proves helpful in building vocabulary as well as language skills. Books help students to acquire new information, ideas and facts about the world. By reading books students become intelligent and also get good marks in examinations. Books also inspire students to become good-natured people. Reading good books related to morals and values enriches students with good qualities and thus they grow up to be good and responsible citizens of the society.

Is reading a book better than watching a movie or not?

Watching movies is a better medium to entertain yourself. Usually films are of two to three hours. Movies provide us education and entertainment along with morality. While reading, we automatically go into the imaginary world. Pictures start forming in our mind. It also increases our memory power. This is absolutely true which explains the difference between the film and the book. It is continued for several days as per the time given by us for reading. Reading a story book or novel gives us a great curiosity day by day when we complete different chapters. We get lost in the world of imagination as if the story is actually happening. It also helps us to concentrate and increases our power of concentration. Along with all this, it also increases our imagination power and creativity.

Importance of technology and books

Students consider these techniques as a good option for study but these techniques can never eliminate the importance of books. When we read books, we get many new information but there are many unsolved things also. To answer these questions we will have to do further study. This increases the ability of students to read and search. It is a good exercise for our brain and also the best way to sharpen our mind.

If we talk about Internet, it does not give us this kind of benefit because all the information is already available there. Thus it can be said that it erodes our effectiveness and capability.

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