Have written the book – what to do now

To those of you who have completed your book, first of all congratulations for completing the book!

Believe me, completing the first book is a big task in itself. While writing a book, many times it seems that the book will never be completed. Sometimes there is self doubt whether people will like what I have written or not.

Now that you have completed your book or are about to do so. So what do you do with the book after this? How to contact the publisher and where to contact these questions become important.

First of all, the book you have written. Send it to at least 5-6 of your friends. While sending the draft of the book, just keep in mind that these people should not be just people who praise you. Those people should tell you their honest opinion. Because tomorrow when your book comes out, people will not think whether you will feel bad or good, they will just give their opinion.

After this, according to the feedback received from friends, if you feel that something should be changed, then change it.

About Book: Now write a two-page synopsis about the book. What is your book about? Remember that you should not get carried away while writing the synopsis. This is a part of the book which will not even appear in the book. This part should be like speaking about your book for five minutes to a room full of 200 people. It is obvious that you will not be able to tell the entire story of the book. You have to tell it in such a way that people want to know more about your book. Consider it as if you have to extract a trailer from the entire film.

About the author: See, if this is your first book then people do not know you because of your writing. Therefore, it is important that you present yourself to people as someone whose story they would like to hear. There is something about everyone that is very unique. As if the other person has to go on a long journey with you and you have to tell something about yourself which will make the other person interested.

What to send to the publisher
synopsis of the book
4 to 5 chapter
introduce myself

How to find a publisher: This is the easiest task. Go to the book section on Amazon and see the books according to your choice. Then calculate which publishers are publishing books similar to yours. If you look there, the details of the publisher are also there along with the book. Simply find that publisher online and send your manuscript to their email or address.

Manuscript has been sent, what to do now: You are not the only one who has sent the book. Spend the next 2-3 months waiting to hear back. Some publishers respond quickly. Some publishers may ask you to self-publish. I will write a separate post on self-publishing of the book.

Everything is done, what to do now: After you have sent the book, start preparing for the marketing of the book because sooner or later the book will arrive. I have already written about the marketing of the book here.

May the book be successful and more and more people read your book, All the best!

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