Forest and Environment

There is a very deep connection between forest and environment. To maintain the balance of nature, 33% of the earth should be filled. Forests are life giving. These are helpful in causing rain. Increases the fertility of the earth. Forests can prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion can be prevented by forests. The spread of desert stops and drought occurs less. With this, the serious problem of noise pollution can be solved. Forests are the reservoir of rivers, springs and other natural water sources. We get wood, fruits, flowers, food items, gum and other goods from forests. Today, unfortunately only 23% forests are left in India. As the number of industries is increasing, urbanization is taking place, the number of vehicles is increasing, the need for forests is also increasing. Forest conservation is a difficult and important task. In this, every person will have to understand his responsibility and contribute. We will have to take this forward as a movement by increasing the number of tree plantations in our homes, neighborhoods and cities.

what is forest
Many people may not know, so let me tell you that forest is called in English. Forest is also known as jungle and Sahara. Where there are more trees, plants, grass and bushes, we call it forest. Understand this also. There may be a lot of trees and plants growing at one place, it is called a forest or jungle.

what is environment
What we see around us surrounds us or the things seen around us can be called environment. It can include organic, inorganic, man-made objects and natural objects. Apart from this, natural environment includes trees, plants, bushes, rivers, ponds, waterfalls, lakes. There can be air etc., this is called environment.

How do forests protect the environment?
Forests cover approximately one third of the Earth’s land area and are essential to the health of our environment. For example, trees and forests absorb and store most of the carbon dioxide that would otherwise contribute to climate change. About 80 percent of the remaining terrestrial biodiversity is found in forests. Forests also regulate the water cycle, maintain soil quality and reduce the risk of natural disasters such as floods.

Forests play an important role in environmental protection. Protected forests have a long history in mountainous regions, where they help prevent soil erosion, landslides and avalanches, and where they are important in maintaining the water quality of rivers flowing from forest catchments. To ensure that these forests are maintained indefinitely, special silvicultural methods are needed. Forests also respond to environmental protection. A major issue is air pollution, which is known to have a significant impact on some forests. Air pollutants of concern include sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, heavy metals, and ozone. Control of these pollutants ultimately benefits forests. Forests play a major role in preserving the global carbon cycle. They represent an important sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide, and conversion of forests to other land uses is one of the reasons for the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. Reforestation and tree planting can contribute to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, and the use of biofuels can help reduce demand for fossil fuels.

There is a very deep relationship between forest and environment. Forest and environment are the natural resources that surround us, which help us a lot in keeping humans safe and healthy. Forest and environment help us to develop and grow. Everything is provided on this earth which is needed to live life.

It is life-giving for living beings. All the living beings on this earth are in dire need of forests and environment. They increase the fertility of the earth. Due to forests, land erosion is controlled. Trees and plants play a vital role in maintaining water level. Helps prevent drought. Due to drought, all living beings can be destroyed.

Forests and environment are helpful in bringing rain. Forests prevent floods by absorbing excess water within themselves and the same water is slowly drawn away by the environment. The earth maintains the water level only when it rains, in which forests have a major contribution in the reduction of forests. Due to this, water stagnation will reduce and water will not be available for drinking, which can cause harm to living beings.

The problem of environmental pollution is increasing day by day, the main reason for which is the lack of trees and various types of gas, smoke and polluted air increases. Due to the lack of trees, the environment is not being maintained and the carbon dioxide released by humans is increasing. Oxide gas: Trees and plants take this gas for their food and provide us oxygen so that humans can survive.

At present, noise pollution is increasing, due to which many people are facing serious losses due to lack of trees and plants. Forests prevent noise pollution to a great extent, this is the reason why there are many problems in cities due to all these reasons. There is a need to plant more trees to stop noise pollution.

Forests, trees and plants keep the earth safe, provide security to human beings, keep animals safe, keep rivers safe and keep drinking water safe. Today everyone needs to be worried and should think about this issue that a large amount Trees and plants are being cut in India. At present only 23% forests are left in India.

We get herbs from forests which are used to make medicines and by consuming those herbs, humans become healthy and animals get their food from trees and earn their living.

Forest and environment have great importance in our life. Without forest or environment, it can be difficult for any living creature to survive, hence plant as many trees and plants as possible in your life and give them water so that the plants grow and the environment is protected. Be maintained.

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