Don’t fall into the clutches of fake doctors or hospitals.

The entire hospital in Delhi’s posh Greater Kailash-1 residential area was found to be fake. Here a doctor without a degree was operating on gall bladder patients. Due to which many patients had lost their lives. After receiving the complaint, the police investigated and arrested four fake doctors.

Be it the national capital Delhi or Etawah in Uttar Pradesh, Doctor Yamraj has become the one who saves lives. You will also be shocked to know about the dirty business of ‘Fraud of Lives’. At some places, doctors are inserting fake pacemakers to fulfill their desire to travel abroad, while at some places, lab technicians and fake doctors are performing surgeries by luring them with cheap treatment. In Etawah, a greedy doctor fitted more than 600 patients in his hospital with pacemakers that were either fake or from a running company. According to reports, 200 of these patients lost their lives.
Recently, the entire hospital in the posh Greater Kailash-1 residential area of Delhi was found to be fake. Police have arrested fake doctors from Aggarwal Medical Center Hospital who were playing with people’s lives. Investigation revealed that a fake set-up was prepared here to lure the patients with the lure of cheap treatment, due to which the patients were defrauded to the tune of Rs 80 crore. Here a doctor without a degree was operating on gall bladder patients. Due to which many patients had lost their lives. After receiving the complaint, the police investigated and arrested four fake doctors. In such a situation, it becomes very important to identify a fake doctor or fake hospital. Let us know in answers to 10 questions the way to escape from their clutches and teach a lesson.

  1. First understand what is medical negligence?
    Negligence is not just a failure to take reasonable care. This occurs when a doctor fails to perform up to the standards of his profession. There are mainly three types of negligence-

. The doctor or nurse does not fulfill the duty of care to the patient.
. The doctor or nurse violates the duty of care.
. If the patient suffers any kind of harm due to this violation.

  1. What is medical misconduct?
    A professional health care provider—such as a physician, nurse, dentist, technician, hospital or hospital worker—whose treatment deviates from the standard of care for a patient with similar training and experience, resulting in harm to a patient or patients A claim for negligence in relation to harm caused is medical malpractice.
  2. Who certifies doctors in India?
    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
  3. How to identify a fake doctor or fake hospital?
    You can check their registration number and crosscheck it on the website of the respective State Medical Council or Medical Council of India. Their registration should be certified by the National Health Authority, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
  4. How to check whether a doctor is registered in India or not?
    Go to the official website of National Medical Council,
    Click on Indian Medical Register in the Information Desk drop down on the home page. Here you can search through Name, Year of Registration, Registration Number, State Medical Council, Advanced Search, Black List Doctor options.
  5. What is DMC Registration?
    Under the powers conferred on the Delhi Medical Council under Section 10(A) of the Delhi Medical Council Act 1997, the Council registers medical practitioners and maintains a live register. This is called Delhi Medical Council Registration i.e. DMC Registration.
  6. Is medical negligence covered under the Consumer Protection Act?
    Yes, the Supreme Court in 1995 brought the medical profession under the Consumer Protection Act 1986 and medical treatment was labeled as ‘services’.
  7. How to report a fake doctor?
    If you are not satisfied with the response of the State Medical Council (SMC), you can send your complaint to the Medical Council of India (MCI). If the complaint is of criminal nature then the affected consumer can lodge a complaint at the local police station. However, filing any police complaint will require expert opinion.
  8. What should happen with the complaint?
    You can approach the consumer forum by filing a complaint giving the facts from your first visit to the doctor till your last visit with him. The medical records supporting the negligence claim should be accompanied by a second opinion from a medical expert, which will further strengthen your claim.
  9. What are the guidelines for filing a complaint?
  • Complaint can be filed only against officials belonging to the Medical Council of India.
  • MCI does not entertain anonymous complaints, so please provide your proper name and address.
  • Complaints should be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and relevant matters. They should not be vague or contain absurd allegations and sweeping statements as these may be filed.
  • Please ensure that the complaint is addressed directly to the Chairman or Chief Vigilance Officer of MCI.
  • After registering the complaint, no correspondence on this subject will be entertained.
  • If it is found that the complaint was false and the officers have been harassed, action can be taken against the complainant.
  • Only complaints having vigilance angle will be investigated which include cases of misuse of official position, soliciting or accepting bribe, misuse/forgery or fraud, gross and willful negligence, violation of laid down systems and procedures, recklessness of prudence in vigilance aspect. Usage, delay in finalizing cases etc.

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